Filemaker Support

FileMaker Pro Database Development, FileMaker Consulting & Training

Kansas City and Houston FileMaker Experts developers have been using FileMaker Pro since 2001 giving them almost 17 years of experience with this particular database application. We are familiar with FileMaker desktop, developer, runtime and server applications. In addition, we provide PHP integration support with FileMaker and MySQL data sources to websites.

FileMaker is the Swiss Army knife of databases. At we use FileMaker on a daily basis as both a content publishing tool and a tool to manage business processes for ourselves and our clients.

Our Uses of FileMaker Include:

1) customized cataloging of assets for web development and web publishing project

2) rapid prototyping of databases that will be built in more enterprise-level solutions;

3) creating FileMaker front ends for managing and accessing MySQL databases;

4) running our own FileMaker servers and hosting numerous FileMaker-driven database forms and pages;

5) providing FileMaker training services for our Kansas City and Houston clients;

6) Using GoToMeeting and other Citrix-based remote desktop access solutions to provide remote training and on-the-fly FileMaker database development and modification services;

7) Developing specialized databases for performing our own internal functions and for industry-specific/workgroup-specific/task-specific projects that require an inexpensive and reliable database management solution;
Recent FileMaker Developed Solutions

The most requested FileMaker projects involve developing a simple front-end system to access remote MySQL databases. When building a web-based application or database driven website, the cost of creating the administration aspect of the solution can equal or exceed the portion of the site visible to end users. Many of our clients have only one or two individuals who need access to a remote MySQL database that is acting as the backend to a website. Consequently, we use FileMaker to streamline the process to avoid coding interface for such a small administrator user base. After the initial development, FileMaker also makes it easier to modify the administration end of the publishing system as requirements change. We have had great success in rapidly deploying a variety of user friendly front-end administration systems using FileMaker’s WYSIWYG layout creation tools.

FileMaker Reporting Functions

In addition, easy custom report generation can be achieved using FileMaker Pro to access remote databases. Rather than deploy programming resources to generate online reporting functions, we let MySQL to do heavy lifting and use FileMaker’s ease-of-use to create reports involving the online data. This is a great combination of resources.